Полосы и прутки Dress

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Полосы и прутки Dress


According to DIN 4964 / ISO 5421, from EW 9 Co 10 (German St. Nr. 1.3207), hardened, tempered and ground to a finish. Ends are straight and rough.


Form A - round
Form B - quadratic
Form C - triangular
Form D - oblong
Form E - trapezoid
Form Index 1/B & A - double trapezoid


For all lengths and forms: +/- 2 mm

Cross Sections:
Form A - h8
Form B & D - h14
Form C & E & Index - h12


64-67 HRC

Chemical Composition

C: 1,23
CR: 4,0
Mo: 3,8
V: 3,3
W: 10,0
Co: 10,5

Milling Tools and Gravers

Brief Description EW9 Co10

This high-speed steel with high hot hardness and abrasion resistance as well as remarkable durability can be used successfully in most machining situations for rough machining and finishing.

EW9 Co10 / 1.3207, precut or ground to a finish, is produced in large quantities and is therefore available quickly and in many forms and dimensions.

The dimensions specified in this information sheet at this grade are always stocked.

Considering the three selection criteria of price, performance, and availability, this grade has proven itself in most usage situations to be superior to other comparable alloys.



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